A little about us:

We are a collective of creatives. All hovering in Arts & Entertainment. Our journey into the experiential space was born in the entertainment capitol of the world, Las Vegas. We've evolved and now find ourselves with a truly awesome opportunity to provide Curation and Entertainment for events and soirees nationwide.


We also Create rich video Content for brands in the lifestyle/hospitality space. Essentially, we are storytellers armed with instruments, voices, brushes, cameras and technology.

What we do:

Entertainment Programming

We combine music, art, design and culture to fuel engaging experiences. These are the most essential elements for making lasting impressions in the event space.


Content Creation

 We produce rich, vibrant content that tastefully and stylishly captures Brand Identity, Origin Story or Event Experience. 


Our wildest ideas come from the opportunity to create with others in the experiential space. Bringing ideas and visions to life is in our DNA!

Nightlife Venues, Private Events, rooftop sunset parties, poolside Hotel experiences...let's curate and create.

Why we do it:

In 2015 we set off on a life long quest. Our mission was to create domino effects of positivity with our words and actions while living our very best lives. Hence the name "Lifestyle Supreme".  Our quest became to continuously create engaging experiences that allow us to elevate the frequency of those around us.


We capture these high magnitude moments to further reverberate long after the experiences are through. 


Our projects hover in the realms of entertainment, tourism, creative arts, non-profits and brand awareness.


This is what we love. 

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